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Synergy Health Partners Performs All Revenue Cycle Functions and More...


When two or more organizations combine their efforts, they can accomplish more together than they can separately.


Billing is one of the most essential elements for the growth of any practice. Ineffective billing can end up costing groups hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed or delayed reimbursements. Whether or not a group is properly billing and coding can drastically impact the growth and health of the practice. Groups can allocate a large number of their resources to billing departments and if they’re not working at an extremely high-efficiency rate, they could be losing a significant amount of money. Having a dedicated team on-site can be comforting, but many billing departments fail to ensure that every dollar you've earned, gets collected. Synergy Health Partners offers a highly effective outsourced billing service for all specialties. Our employee average is 20+ years in healthcare collections, which gives you the advantage of corporate expertise and the attention of a small business. Our solution is end to end! Practices that outsource their billing needs to Synergy Health Partners enjoy the freedom to focus on practice growth and patient health, while also seeing higher reimbursements. Our incredibly accurate coders are fully certified and set a high bar for accuracy and ensure there is no revenue left on the table. Our team will go after for every dollar that you’ve earned!


Managed care contracts are a critical component of a strong financial strategy for practices of all sizes.  Successfully negotiating managed care contracts can strengthen reimbursements on procedure mixes, increase volumes by ensuring you're enrolled on the newest insurance products and generate additional or increased revenue by contract reviews for increases that may be due or renegotiating current contracts removing minor contract language.


The speed at which medical claims are processed is a vital part of the entire billing process.   Synergy's robust software with advanced claim scrubbing, which means cleaner claims, faster payments, and fewer denials.


SHP is  a full-service medical billing company that works one-on-one with your practice to not only accelerate revenue and streamline billing processes, but also assist your front office put policies and procedures in place if needed.  Our team has expertise across a vast spectrum of specialties and we are always willing to help our clients wherever they have a need.


Synergy Health Partners offers healthcare consulting solutions for a variety of business situations.  Practices can benefit from an unbiased, third-party analysis.  We have expertise in all areas of healthcare and revenue cycle management and can offer the kind of advice and support you need.

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