Synergy Health Partners Leadership

Andrea Trevino, CPC, NCICS

CEO, Synergy Health Partners

Andrea is the CEO/Owner at Synergy Health Partners, a complete revenue cycle, managed care contracting and credentialing company. She currently leads a full-time staff of 20 and has clients for multiple specialties and several states.


Andrea has over 30 years in revenue cycle management and the medical coding industry. She is a double certified coder and previously ran a very successful medical coding and billing program for a post-secondary school overseeing an average of 20 instructional staff and 300 students at any given time.

Andrea has run medical billing companies owned by groups, owned a medical billing company where she had partners, both of which she grew substantially until she decided in 2018 to go out on her own. This is when Synergy Health Partners was "born."

The most important thing to Andrea is family, her dedicated employees, some of which were previous students, her clients, and her clients' success. She is a fully hands-on owner and puts everything into her work to ensure that her clients' revenue is maximized to the fullest and they're receiving every dollar they deserve.


SYNERGY~The combined power of a group when they are working together is greater achieved than each working separately.

Synergy Health Partners

6415 Lake Worth Road, Suite 102

Lake Worth,  FL   33463


Total Revenue Cycle Management for...

  • Practices of ALL Specialties

  • Interventional Radiology

  • Imaging Centers-Group and IDTF

  • Hospital-based groups of all kinds

  • Primary Care

  • Surgical Practices-General and Ortho


                  We provide...

  • Consistent, reliable cash-flow

  • Advanced claim scrubbing resulting in clean claims the first time

  • Streamlined processes

  • Friendly, effective patient collections

  • Detailed analysis and recommendations for free 

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