Synergy Health Partners

6415 Lake Worth Road, Suite 102

Greenacres, FL 33463


Total Revenue Cycle Management for...

  • Practices of ALL Specialties

  • Interventional Radiology

  • Imaging Centers-Group and IDTF

  • Hospital-based groups of all kinds

  • Primary Care

  • Surgical Practices-General and Ortho


We provide...

  • Advanced claim scrubbing resulting in clean claims the first time

  • Streamlined processes

  • Friendly, effective patient collections

  • Detailed analysis and recommendations for fee 

  • Consistent, reliable cash-flow

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Coding Tools

E/M Interactive Worksheet Tool

NCCI Lookup Tool

Compliance Training Resources

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National Coverage Determination Manual

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual

Medicare Claims Processing Manual


Coding and Clinical Documentation Procedures