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Let Synergy Health Partners throw you a lifesaver. 

We have experienced, knowledgeable staff who have saved many practices from "sinking situations."

Who We Are

"Synergy" says it all.  We build and maintain strong partnerships with medical practices of all sizes.  We believe in the power of teamwork and measure our success by your success.  

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Synergy?  This can be summed up in 3 words....  EXPERIENCED, ETHICAL AND EFFECTIVE

Why Are We Different?

We specialize not only in medical billing, but are also experts in the third party liability arena as well.

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Denials

The initial stages of the billing process are critical to decrease denials and prevent delays in cash flow.  Our team of certified coders diligently work to submit clean claims the first time.  Our highly skilled team read all medical documentation to ensure that every charge is captured and coding is maximized in a compliant fashion. 


Our payment team is a vital component of the total the revenue cycle.  They examine every payment, watch for payer trends and compare the payments to the clients' contracts for correct, accurate payments.


Our accounts receivables team are experts in the appeals process and will aggressively pursue all accounts receivable with a delicate, persuasive touch when dealing with the patient collections.  We fight for every dollar!

Some of Our Medical Billing Specialties Include...

Multi-Specialty Groups

Interventional Radiology

Imaging Centers-IDTF

Hospital-Based Groups

Internal Medicine-PCP's




General Surgery

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